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Workshops at Southern Girls Convention are put on by the participants themselves, in three main areas:

  1. Group Discussion - a mediated roundtable for exploring specific issues.
  2. Presentation - an information based lecture with a question and answer session afterwards.
  3. How to - a hands on seminar teaching a skill.

It is essential to the spirit and productivity of SGC that workshops be conducted in a equitable manner. All workshop facilitators should attend a brief introduction to mediation to be scheduled later. We stress the importance of equal voice and respect for everyone and from everyone.

Confirmed workshops

Title Facilitator(s) ...

Anti-Racist Organizing

Group discussion
Nisha Anand and Laura Close - Portland, OR ... X [email]

Atlanta Chapter of the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade (RCYB)

Presentation / group discussion
Mia - Atlanta, GA ... X [email]

Bhrathanatyam--Indian Classical Dance (CANCELLED)

Physical activity
Bhavana Dabir - Reston, VA ... X [email]

Close the School of Assassins at Fort Benning, GA! (CANCELLED)

Group discussion
Kostya Branwen Sudice - Tidewater/Hampton Roads Virginia ... [email]

Creative Writing for Kids

Group activity
jennifer cook joy and chloe cook joy - Gainesville, FL ... X [email]

Criminalizing Women

Karen Moldovan - Charleston, SC ... X [email]

Crucial Sisterhood: DIY Healthcare, Menstruation, Masturbation & Sex

Presentation / group discussion
Krissi Vandenberg - Richmond, VA ... X [email]

Current Custody Laws & the Discrimination of Non-Custodial Mothers

Presentation / group discussion
Kate Otto - Boulder, CO &St. Simons, GA ... X [email]

Dealing with Sexual Assualt within Radical Communities

Group discussion
Tbone Kneegrabber - Philadelphia, PA ... X [email]

A Discussion on Mental Health/Illness in Radical Communities

Group discussion
Ailecia Ruscin - Lawrence, KS ... X [email]

DIY herbal remedies (CANCELLED)

Group discussion / activity
lyn caruthers - Chattanooga, TN ... [email]

Ending Prisoner Rape and Challenging the Prison Industrial Complex

Jason L. Mallory - Fort Worth, TX ... X [email]

Ending Sexual Assault: Let's Get Serious!

Group discussion
Sayge Medlin - Athens, GA ... X [email]

Food Not Bombs in Your Town

Group discussion
Jenna Epps - Athens, GA ... X [email]

Get Out LOUD: Take Your Page to the Stage and Start an Open Mic!

Group discussion / activity
Karen Garrabrant - Atlanta, GA ... X [email]

Holistic health & nutrition

DeeDee - Asheville, NC ... X [email]

How to organize an abortion fund in your community

Group discussion / activity
Wyndi Anderson - Washington, DC ... X [email]

i am not my biology

Physical activity
Jonathan Lefkowitz - New York, NY ... X [email]

"I Don't Care What You Think of My Ass:" Women Fighting Street Harassment

Group discussion
Laura a.k.a. "squishy" - New York, NY ... X [email]

Intersex: What it is and why it should concern you

Caitlin and Aiden - Atlanta, GA ... X [email]

intro to flying dance trapeze!

Physical activity
mary jessica hammes - Athens, GA ... X [email]

It's Time to Rewrite the Budget From the Perspective of Young Women

Cicely Gay - Atlanta, GA ... X [email]

Keep your Laws Off My Body: Abortion, Birth Control, and Why we still have to fight!

Group discussion
Jessica Hermann-Wilmarth - Atlanta, GA ... X [email]

Knitting and Creative Association

Group discussion
Lynda Del Genis - Baltimore, MD ... X [email]

Lame is Good: How to be an Ally to Folx with Disabilities

Group discussion
Loree Erickson and Pretty Johns - Richmond, VA ... X [email]

let's be burly! (burlesque, that is)

Physical activity
Rita Brinkerhoff - Kansas City, MO ... X [email]

Making Our Voices Heard Through Writing

Group activity
Danielle Kotaska - Tallahassee, FL ... X [email]

The Other Side of Activism

Presentation / Group activity
Wendy Howell - Atlanta, GA ... X [email]

The Political Girl's Guide to Getting to What She Wants: How to Lobby

Group discussion / activity
Leigh Craigmyle - Atlanta, GA ... X [email]

Power in the Paintbrush -- Creating Your Own Cartoon Dolls

Eileen H. Kramer - Columbus, GA ... X [email]

Queer and Trans Youth in the South

Group discussion
Lindsey Morrison and Garrett Boardman - Jacksonville, FL and Tampa, FL ... X [email]

Resistance in Motion

Physical activity
jamey fisher - Atlanta, GA ... X [email]

Resisting the Symbolic Order: An Ecofeminist Look at Popular Imagery

Presentation / group discussion
Helen Matthews - Boston, MA ... X [email]

safe sex for lesbians

Group discussion
Stacy - Orlando/Tampa, FL ... X [email]

Sexism within Radical Communites

Group discussion
Tbone Kneegrabber and Jaysun Taylor - Philadelphia, PA ... X [email]

The Struggle to End Homophobia, Transphobia, and Sexism in Boy Scouts

Jason L. Mallory - Fort Worth, TX ... X [email]

Such a pretty face: a fat girl discussion

Group discussion
Angelina - Hampton, VA ... X [email]


Group discussion
Taryn Levitt and James/Jen Hoagland - Atlanta, GA ... X [email]

The Truth and Lies About Self Defense

Group discussion / activity
ESCAPE Women's Self Defense and Empowerment Programs - Atlanta, GA ... X [email]

Underground Community Spaces

Presentation / group discussion - Richmond, VA ... X [email]

Uses and abuses of psychoanalysis for feminism

Presentation / group discussion
adam rosen - New York, NY ... X [email]

War Zone: Film Screening and Discussion

Group discussion
Mandy - Atlanta, GA ... X [email]

What's a boy to do?

Group discussion
Charles W. Johnson - Auburn, AL ... X [email]

Women and Work: The Ugly Face of Welfare Reform

Alysia Davis - Bogart, GA ... X [email]

Women Artists througout History

Presentation / group discussion
Elizabeth Bishop-Martin - Athens, GA ... X [email]

Women in the Media

Group discussion
Jen Angel - Bowling Green, OH ... X [email]

Women Living Intentionally: Communtes Still Exist

Dahna Acorn - Mineral, VA ... X [email]

Women Power in Performance Poetry

Cindy Childress - Tampa, FL ... X [email]

Womyn's Health Collectives

Group discussion
Beth Fogleman - Chapel Hill, NC ... X [email]

Writing and Rapping about Religion, Politics, and Sex

Group discussion / organizing meeting
Gretchen Thurman - Athens, GA ... X [email]

Submit a Workshop

Southern Girls Convention is focused around workshops which are conceived and facilitated by participants themselves. Are you interested in facilitating a workshop? We need you and your ideas! We are accepting workshop submissions up until Sunday, July 7, and will announce the scheduled workshops at that time. We will try to find space to schedule all the workshop submissions that we get. If we do not have enough space to schedule your workshop, there will be space available for advertising and holding guerilla workshops.

Submit Your Workshop!

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What city are you coming from?
Title of your workshop:
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What type of workshop are you planning?
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  • Presentation
  • How To
Please describe your workshop idea as thoroughly as possible and how it pertains to the Southern Girls Convention.
Is there any special equipment you will need for your workshop (dry erase boards, VCRs, etc.)?
Do you need a certain day or time for your workshop? If yes, please explain.
Additional questions or comments:
July 19th-21st, 2002
Athens, Georgia (UGA campus)
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